Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guess Who!?!? Tee Hee (Freebie Image too)

WOW!! Over 2 months with no Internet but I am back online!
So what has been up with me? Well... I have been out at our vacation property since New Years Eve. I did not expect to be here this long, but after careful thought and consideration, I recently moved out here full time! It has been a winter full of snowmobiling and ice fishing and spending time with my sweetie! As he had 6 weeks vacation time! YAY
Only trouble was I only had dial up Internet, and that did not allow me to effectively post, email, or do pretty much anything online.
I did solve this issue this week tho, with a new Internet hub. Which offers me much faster speeds than dial up. Please know that if you sent me an email I replied, even though I am hearing from many that they did not receive my replies. What's up with that!?!? Also, if you are in my address book and received spam (this happened 2ce) I am so very sorry! I did change my passwords so that this will not happen again. It happens to the best of us I guess.

My stampin' space is MUCH smaller out here, but I have the essentials. Today I colored a St. Patty's image and realized I had not touched a stamping supply since before Christmas! Boy was I having withdrawls. lol

I don't have a finished project for you today, but know that I am back and will be posting on a regular basis now. I will however post the FREE Coloring page I found at Coloring Page Tuesdays, cropped up and colored this morning =) Enjoy!

Isn't he Ca-ute?!!? Click image to open and save

I missed you all!! (((HUGS)))


Dawn said...

He's a real cutie Cindy-Lynn!
Dawn xx

Marlene said...

Glad to see you're back!!!


A Leprecan with attidute, love it!! Thank you!!

Mama Bear Stonich's Craft Blog said...

Thanks For the Lepercaun (sp?) love it!

Cathy -Mercieschild said...

Thank you for the lephrecan, I probably spelled it wrong :) He certainly has a determined look. I think my brother in law would love him. Thank you very very much. hugs Cathy K

Moments by Marla said...

Thank you for this cute image!

Tina said...

Vielen Dank für die tolle Zeichnung.
Liebe Grüße

mamichelle said...

he's cute! Thank you!

Amanda said...

Glad you're back Cindi! Hope you can get back online more now! :D

And thanks for the Leprechaun! :D he's cute!

Nannieflash said...

Thank you so much for the freebie. with hugs Shirleyxxxxx

grandmalee said...

This wonderful image is copyrighted to Elizabeth O. Dulemba at her website Coloring Page Tuesdays:
She does offer her images for free, but her angel policy requires you to keep the copyright mark with the image. Please make sure to give her proper credit.

My Inkie Fingers said...

Thanks Grammalee! I had no idea where I found it as it was months ago =)

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Hi Cindy-Lynn, This is one of my very first Coloring Pages and I can't believe I didn't have a copyright line on it. I've since added it if you don't mind updating your link. The original image can be found at and my Angel Policy can be found at . Thanks to Grandma Lee for watching out for my copyright - gotta keep us artists fed! (We tend to bite otherwise.) I have tons more images available at so y'all have at it!
Elizabeth O. Dulemba
Coloring Page Tuesdays

My Inkie Fingers said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth =)
I normally do a google image search for images. So that is how I found your image, and it was not on your site as I know who you are and I would have remembered. I will uploaded your image with your copyright =) Thanks again!