Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guess Who!?!? Tee Hee (Freebie Image too)

WOW!! Over 2 months with no Internet but I am back online!
So what has been up with me? Well... I have been out at our vacation property since New Years Eve. I did not expect to be here this long, but after careful thought and consideration, I recently moved out here full time! It has been a winter full of snowmobiling and ice fishing and spending time with my sweetie! As he had 6 weeks vacation time! YAY
Only trouble was I only had dial up Internet, and that did not allow me to effectively post, email, or do pretty much anything online.
I did solve this issue this week tho, with a new Internet hub. Which offers me much faster speeds than dial up. Please know that if you sent me an email I replied, even though I am hearing from many that they did not receive my replies. What's up with that!?!? Also, if you are in my address book and received spam (this happened 2ce) I am so very sorry! I did change my passwords so that this will not happen again. It happens to the best of us I guess.

My stampin' space is MUCH smaller out here, but I have the essentials. Today I colored a St. Patty's image and realized I had not touched a stamping supply since before Christmas! Boy was I having withdrawls. lol

I don't have a finished project for you today, but know that I am back and will be posting on a regular basis now. I will however post the FREE Coloring page I found at Coloring Page Tuesdays, cropped up and colored this morning =) Enjoy!

Isn't he Ca-ute?!!? Click image to open and save

I missed you all!! (((HUGS)))