Thursday, November 4, 2010

Animals With Attitude! Sneak Peek

I am over the moon with excitement over the Animals With Attitude! Launch coming in December. However, I couldn't resist releasing a Thanksgiving must have for your festive projects early!

Gretta Gobble will make her debut as the very first Animals With Attitude! image THIS Saturday. I know you are all dying with anticipation so I will give you a little sneak peek... I will let your imagination picture her in the pot full of veggies ready for the oven! Ohhhhh poor Gretta - Whatever will she do!?!?

The oven is on, the veggies are prepped and seasoned, the pot is ready and the cook is eyeballing the bird... Gretta Gobble wants NO part of this! Some people are just so rude! Gretta thinks everyone should just eat HAM! Tee Hee

See you on Saturday for the full image release!


Jamie Lane said...

Ohhh, he looks SO cute! Can't wait to see the "release"!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

LOL! I would have attitude too if I was Gretta!!

Marlene said...

I can't wait for your Animals with Attitude, either! This is adorable!

Sharon said...

Looks like this is going to be super cute!!