Monday, September 27, 2010

Gizmo Shadow Box Frame

This past winter was Gizmo's (my pug) first real winter in Canada. Seeing as we used to live in WA State, then in Vegas he has really no experience with serious snow! The snow sure falls in Northern Ontario, and I love it! I can't say as much for Gizmo. I walk him a lot, and in the winter it is so sad to see him lift and try to nurse his frozen little paws. I would bend over and 'huff' on them, or try and warm them up in my hands but I don't think it helped much.

Finally I decided I was buying him some winter clothes. Hat, scarf, coat, boots n' all! This was a pretty cheap set (Walmart), and the boots fell off him constantly, so I quickly invested in a $60 pair of MutLucks. The Mutlucks are fantastic! Even though he HATES wearing them, they do keep his paws toasty warm!

Here you can see what he thought the first time I put him in his winter gear (with the cheap boots)... lmbo! My mum and I nearly pee'd our pants trying to take pictures. He was NOT having this!! Bwahahaha

He actually looks really ridiculous doesn't he? *snort* I love it! It makes me smile every time I look at this picture. Oh my... I love you so much Giz!

Anyhow, I am so buried in getting Grumpy Gretchen launched, selecting a DT, and setting up the new store, I haven't the time to create or should I say FINISH anything I have started right now. However, I made this a few months back, and thought you may enjoy it just the same as I didn't want to leave you Inkie Postless today =) 
The shadow box and paper are from Dollar Store. Painted it, added the paper, some primas (which I spiced up with gel pens, ink and brads) inked the edges, shimmer sprayed it and I was done! It was really easy. I actually made 4 in a couple hours. I gave one of the 4 to Grandma with this picture in it for Grandog sitting, she loved it! 

Thanks for poppin' by to check in on me (((Hugs)))


Anonymous said...

ROFL.....How PRECIOUS!!!! And NO he does NOT look a bit happy!!! Hehehehehe......what a TREASURE to keep!!!!!

I also wanted to THANK YOU for your awesome comment on my blog!!!!!! I hope you have a very blessed day!!!

Tammy said...

Ah, such cuteness! Love the shadowbox but the picture says it all --- priceless.

cardmaking bird said...

Ha, ha - fabulous. I love it!! Marie xx

Stacie said...

LOL!! That is one funny picture!! Giz looks like a little bumble bee! I think that was a wonderful pic to keep....what great memories!

Hestia's Helper said...

Boy oh boy, is he staring bullets at YOU! Bumble-dog with an attitude... seems to fit! (-:
And I have 2 GIANT black labs, so yes, I think dog slippers look ridiculous, but in a charming, cute way! And the hat and sweater?? They really make things like that for DOGS?? ROTFLMBO

JustYolie said...

LOL!!! That's too cute!!! LOL

sucor said...

Aww! So funny! We have to do the same for our two furbabies. They got used to it; they like being dry and warm.

My Scrapy Den said...

He is so cute! I love pugs. I had a pug for a short time. She got hit by a car. I got her when she was 2 we called her Pug even though her name was Sugar.