Friday, September 10, 2010

2 Blog Awards!?!?!? Who will I nominate?

I was so lucky and honored to be nominated TWICE this week for the Cherry on Top Award! Thanks so much to both  Celeste and Stacie! They are both so kind and generous and I appreciate the award immensely! (((hugs)))

Here are the Rules to play by:

The rules are simple.

1.Thank the person who gave it to you: - Check but THANKS AGAIN!

2.Put the award on your blog: - Done

3.Tell everyone three things that you love:  My scrapbook room, my family, and my dog.

4.A picture you love: (Gizmo - my favorite little man in the entire world!)

Gizmo when he was just a wee thang! This is my all time favorite picture.

Gizmo last year.

I got Gizmo when I lived in WA State from Perry's Pups in Oklahoma in Feb of 2008. They are just the best people in the dog business! If you have ever wanted a pug, or know someone that does, I highly recommend them!
Gizmo was just 8 weeks old when he flew on a plane from OK to WA into my aching arms! He smelled like puppy pee and was all stinky, but I kissed him and cuddled him and cried for 10 minutes! I never knew I could love something as much as I love my Giz!

5.Pass the award on to five blogs you love:

I am going to the break the rules too and award this blog to the first 5 people that have blogs that comment on this post! The only rule I have is you have to have posted somewhere on my blog at some point before. I want everyone to have a fair chance to have this adorable award! So Good Luck! (((Hugs)))


cgl1539 said...

I love that picture of Gizmo, those huge eyes, awww! Congrats on the awards, thats awesome!

craft-princess said...

** Don't count me for the award because I already gave it to you...hehe!**

I still wanted to comment and say your little Giz is cute! :)

Pauline said...

Oh my Cindy Lynn.. Gizmo is just the cutest little man I have ever seen .... next to my Sam of course... I better go post a pic of him on my blog! I can see why you hugged him on his arrival.... what a heartbreaker!
Hugs and Blessings from Australia,